Our commitments

We make a commitment:

1/With our customers to supply Products and Quality services in competitive prices.

All our kitchen sinks are in accordance with the statement(declaration) REACH (Recording, Evaluation, Authorization to use CHEMICAL substances): European Regulation n°1907 / 2006 come into effect on June 1st, 2007 to reassure the manufacturing and the use of chemical substances in the European industry. These regulations oblige the companies which make and matter chemical substances to estimate the risks resulting from their use and to take the necessary measures for any identified risk.


Its aims:

  • The evacuation of the water
  • The heat resistance dries
  • The resistance in the temperature variations
  • The resistance in chemicals and to the trying agents
  • The stability of the surface (resistance in the stripe, the abrasion resistance)
  • The static load
  • The flow of evacuation of water
  • The durability dangerous substances


2/A to value the inspiration, the innovation is the mainspring


Our marketing departments and Studies observe and innovate to the everyday life to create simple and functional products, meeting your needs of practicalities daily and of esthetics.


3/A to improve our performances with the respect for the men and for the women who constitute our success

Our SME produces in France all of these kitchen sinks. It is all teams through their commitments and through their motivations that makes the strength of the company.


4/A to master our environmental impacts

The used processes take into account our environment with a central objective, not to leave a track, nor to draw from our good in all: THE EARTH
We almost reached there.