The Company


DIADEM, situated to Roullet Saint-Estèphe in Charente, factory and commercial mainly kitchen sinks in synthetic resin.



Two families of material are used:

  • The SMC (Sheet Moulding Compound): material realized with resin polyester with a content in mineral loads limited and long fiberglasses, a materialwhich is in the form of flexible plates, hot-pressed and under strong pressure in molds. This material brings to the kitchen sink a big mechanical resistance in the shocks and in the impacts.
  • The MMC (moulding compound Mineral): material realized with resin polyester with a strong content in mineral loads and short fiberglasses, arranged in bulk, molded under heat and under strong pressure.


Its kitchen sinks to be embeded of high quality adapt themselves to every type of work plan as well new as in renovation. This family allows esthetics, deeper colors.


The company account 20 employees, realizes a that about 6 M€ and produces more than 100 000 kitchen sinks a year.
It has industrial buildings of more than 10 000 m ² and of recent allowing production tools of important development with a lot of flexibility.
DIADEM conceives and also assembles bathtubs of balneotherapy of high technicality and proposes furniture of bathrooms in the modern and practical concepts.


Since 2012, DIADEM strengthens its position in the Universe of the Cooking by offering kitchen sinks in stainless steel to the modern lines and the colourful kitchen areas.
Kitchen sinks, Kitchen areas, Furniture of bathroom and Balneotherapy are present in most of the DIY stores.
DIADEM was integrated into the Group MDS in 2012 to consolidate its general practitioner's status of the toilet and the specialist of the kitchen sink while taking advantage of know-how of the other companies(societies) of the Group.